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Lundrigans Clothing Walker to re-open by end of June

The restoration of Lundrigans Clothing in Walker, after air quality issues linked to the Portage Brewing fire, is moving along on schedule. Most of the interior structure of the store was removed over the last few weeks and the remaining surfaces have been thoroughly wiped and cleaned per remediation protocol. Additionally, air filtration systems have been running for 3 weeks. The staff and crew can now safely be inside the store without respirators.

“The last time the men’s side of the store was empty was in 1937 when Ed and Mabel put the first Pendleton shirts on the shelves. It’s a very eerie feeling being inside the store looking like this, but we are thankful to get in now and start working on the rebuilding concepts,” comments Nancy Freeman, owner of Lundrigans Clothing.

Just a couple more steps which will be taking place this week and next: heating the interior of the store to a high temperature and exchanging the air through a series of filters this week (“bake-out”) followed by an air flushing process next week (“flush out”). Then one more final wipe down of the entire store. Once that is complete a final air quality test will be performed to get the sign-off from ESi (air quality company).

“That should put rebuild starting the week of May 20th, if all goes according to schedule.” says Freeman. “The restoration company estimates four weeks to complete the rebuild, so we hope to be open the last week of June. Just in time for the 4th!”

Freeman and staff are working on plans for a grand re-opening and encourage everyone in the community that has been supportive to come in that week and celebrate with them! More information will be forthcoming as the progress continues.


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