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2021 Billboard - Generations

Launching a new billboard is always an exciting time for Lundrigans. Our billboard is located on Highway 10, just south of Little Falls, MN and receives over 25,000 views per day. Guys, that's almost 10 million views per year! So it's important to us to try to represent exactly who we are through one image that is seen for just seconds. With the theme "Generation to Generation", the new billboard will be launched by the end of October.

This year's design features three generations of Lundrigans women: Susan Yarrington, Melanie Rice and Elise Rice. Three generations of women that have worked for, modeled for and worn Lundrigans clothing! Melanie's family often models for us in our social media and Melanie is the one photographing them. In fact, if you look closely in the photo, she is holding her camera trigger in her left hand - this time photographing and modeling at the same time! Very often, the modeling shoots take place at the family farm.

The scene we set for the billboard photo is located on Bill and Susan's farm located in northern Minnesota that has been in their family for over 40 years. Acquired from the State of Minnesota in 1910, the Yarringtons are only the third owners of the property since it's development in 1935, just two years different from when Lundrigans was created in 1937. Interesting coincidence, don't you think? The property rests on the shore of a small private lake with families of swans, loons, otters and gorgeous seasons of color across the forests and fields. Bill and Susan farmed the property from 1979 until 2001 and now spend their retirement maintaining the trails and the property for their future generations.

Lundrigans Clothing has been in business for multiple generations, with Nancy Freeman as only the third owner of the company since it was built in 1937 by Ed and Mabel Lundrigan. So in many ways we think of Nancy's ownership as the third generation of the company. The Pendleton brand has been with Lundrigans since day one, almost 85 years. So of course we often feature their brand in our marketing. Both Susan and Elise are wearing Pendleton and Elise is sitting on the Pendleton Wildland Heroes Firefighters Blanket:

In this tribute to our nation's wildland firefighters, bands of deep forest alternate with lines of flame. A portion of sales from this wool blanket helps to support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, in aid of injured firefighters and their families. Melanie's husband, Mike Rice, has been a wildland firefighter for almost 20 years, and their son, Jensen is as well, so the WFF is an important organization to their family. Mike is a part of a group that hosts a fundraising hockey tournament in Walker, Minnesota each winter to raise funds for the WFF - and this blanket has been one of the featured items on the silent auction. In 2019, Lundrigans Clothing was recognized as a key supporter of Wildfire On Ice after several years of support and donations. For more information about the fundraiser, visit

We truly are a family company in many ways - started by a family, dressing families, staff that feels like family... we hope this gives you just a little insight on so many things going on behind the scenes at Lundrigans Clothing!


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