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New Crosslake Outlet!

The Lundrigans Clothing Outlet has moved to Crosslake! The Crosslake location that closed last fall will now become the dedicated Lundrigans Outlet. The Outlet hours are Thursdays-Saturdays 10:00am-5:00pm. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get up to date information on the opening!

"Does 'outlet' means the other stores leftovers?"

By definition, yes, an outlet store is a retail store offering shoppers lower prices and bargains on out-of-season merchandise. In some ways, they indeed ARE leftovers. However, at Lundrigans, we also purchase merchandise that is NOT in our regular Lundrigans stores to keep the inventory fresh and fun for our outlet-goers.

This does mean that in the Crosslake location, where you were used to shopping for full-priced, in-season merchandise, the items there will be the same as what you've seen in the Nisswa Outlet.

Crosslake and Nisswa are less than 20 miles apart. We hope that our Crosslake customers will venture to Nisswa to see our new merchandise and our Nisswa Outlet customer can go to Crosslake for what will be a larger inventory of off-price goodies!

What's also important is that a new business will be going into the space that held the Nisswa Outlet - something we think everyone will love. And isn't it great that our Crosslake friends and customers don't have an empty store any longer. It's a win-win for all!

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