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Dog Bed Fairy Program

Submitted by Jim Clark, Executive Director of Paws & Claws

If you don’t believe in dog bed fairies or angels you can see, or the ongoing goodness of people who love animals I offer you this...

About a month ago Paws & Claws Animal Rescue received a telephone call from Nancy Freeman, a local business owner from Walker, MN. She was at a buyers’ show representing her locally renown Lundrigans Clothing Stores. She told me she had purchased three boxes of a book titled "Is it True, They Call You the Dog Bed Fairy?", an 18-page book that shares things shelter dogs think after receiving their very own new dog bed. She explained that purchasing a book makes you a dog bed fairy because, for each $10 book sold, $7 goes towards the purchase of dog beds for animal shelters.

This humanitarian promotion, she explained, is sponsored by Farm House Fresh, makers of award winning personal care and spa products. Nancy shared that she had recommended Paws and Claws to be a recipient of dog beds from Farm House Fresh. Two weeks, one email and one phone call later I spoke with Scott , the Farm House Fresh Marketing Director, who pledged to support Paws and Claws shelter dogs through the donation of high value, commercial quality dog beds.

I now believe in dog bed fairies, angels I can see, and especially in the goodness of people like Nancy and the gang at Farm House Fresh who love animals. Please check out their website at and search for dog bed fairies. It will make you a believer, as well.


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